Ideas stem from observations and the unique way each person sees and perceives the world around them. Most of the time, after an individual has an idea they find themselves asking ‘what’s next?’ This is where our work relationship with you will begin.

It doesn’t matter what type of project we work on, our main goal is always the same. We will work with you to develop a model of your idea. That model will be used to compare and contrast how your idea would function in relation to existing models in the social and economic spaces relevant to your idea.

To create a model of the Idea we will need to:

  • Reach a shared understanding
  • Create a testable hypothesis
  • Define problems, actors, and possible solutions
  • Perform abstraction
  • Obtain feedback
  • Draw conclusions

Our team’s conversational approach will help us achieve a shared understanding of your viewpoint. This initial phase of the ‘Sapphire method’ begins with general philosophical questions, focused on the ‘Why’ of your idea, in order to narrow it down and create a testable hypothesis. This hypothesis will provide context, which will be used to interpret our results. The hypothesis will represent your unique view on the aspect of the world that you want to challenge and change.

The defining process will include systemized sessions. These sessions will help us understand and analyze the problems, actors/stakeholders, and possible solutions regarding our problem hypothesis. Through abstraction, we will refine and simplify the results from these sessions. The diagram will help us visualize the most critical elements, as well as the dependencies between them. At this point, patterns will emerge, and we will be able to observe and determine their causes.

Before designing a plan to move forward, we must first establish if our hypothesis will align with the feedback we receive. Depending on our feedback, we will either change our existing model or move forward.

Your final take away from us will be a validated hypothesis, researched and backed by data. This hypothesis will be a scientifically achieved path towards ensured success and the final solution to the problem.