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The Sapphire Method

The Sapphire Method is a scientific, formulaic, data-driven approach to your concept, with a single aim: To transform it into a clearer, achievable, validated path for your idea. Going through this multifarious approach is not easy. Our Co-shaping method is a tool for true self-reflection and validation. Which is why we often refuse to work with clients when our belief systems don’t align. The whole process, which takes a few weeks, is very challenging and custom-made for disruptive ideas.

The Sapphire Method, in a nutshell

What makes it different?

Path dependencies are one of our main concerns in the whole process. We first need to identify the path dependencies within the chain of events; otherwise the outcome may be a solution that under the given circumstance just doesn’t work. The path dependencies differ from one system (country) to another, because the social, economic and cultural conditions are different in each society.

Path dependency analysis

No restrictions on the toolsets to reach various solutions

Our exclusive combination of Cybernetics and Systems Thinking makes it possible for us to work with a diverse set of ideas, regardless of their specific industry or any other factors. We are constantly improving our processes, enabling us to support projects located within many different sectors or markets.

From the minds of our team

The Blockchain Innovators Summit was held in Pebble Beach, California, and brought together scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and business people from all over the world. The summit’s focus was to educate participants on new and emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and Cybernetics. In addition to being one of the summit’s main participants, the Sapphire Labs team also helped organize the event.